Intelligent Investment in Innovative & Tech-Driven Startups

We are enablers in driving the Startup & Investment Ecosystem regionally

Tech Investing Experts

We have an unparalleled track record in Tech Investing alongside regional Enabling Partners

Smart Capital

Intelligent capital for early stage startups are vital in ensuring you kickstart at the right stage with the right investment portfolio

Expertise & Experience

An array of international & regional business mentors and industry experts readily available to accelerate different aspects of your Startup

Low Risk Model

Investing in high potential tech startups through our unique risk free, low cost investment model focused on achieving positive cash flows from the first quarter, thus promoting startup self sustenance

Multi-Level Regional Partnership

Get access to Southeast Asia’s best & most pretigious venture capital team ready to support entrepreneurs, rising companies & limited partners to become the next industry champions¬†

Diverse Tech Talent Pool

Procure specific premium tech talent of all levels from the BEYOND4 Ecosystem with no hassle

A self-sustaining approach to investing in high potential tech startups

Our Ecosystem promotes:

  • Low Capex Self-Sustaining Growth + Cashflow from Q1
  • Accelerated Breakeven
  • Low Risk Exponential Growth
  • Early Equity at Low Evaluation
  • Value-based Series Funding

Investment Portfolio

An Intelligent Multi-Tier Accelerator Ecosystem proven to accelerate Talents & Startups while building & implementing future-ready ecosystems.


We specialise in designing and delivering curated programmes centered around upskilling & certifications across multiple verticals with over 2 decades of experience as industry pioneers.

Malaysia | Singapore

We offer a suite of Talent-as-a-Service solutions that help you solve various business needs. We are experts in identifying your business gaps and providing you talent through place-to-train or train-to-place models.

Malaysia | Singapore

We are looking for a super-talented team connected to their transformative purpose, deeper than mission

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